Maths Magic mathematical educational games


Parents & Teachers: Improve maths ability by allowing kids to have fun!

Maths Magic games are A4 size board games packed in an A4 ziplock (resealable) bag. Each game is played by 2 people & each game contains the dice & counters necessary for the game. There are 5 games per phase (foundation, intermediate & senior) but, as conceptual levels are often very different in a class, games from different phases can be used in one classroom.

The games teach fundamental concepts like adding one on to a number, to practising tables and multiple calculations; there are also 2 games specifically designed to enhance spatial skills (geometric concepts). The pupils learn by having fun - in playing the game, the outcomes are achieved. The conceptual levels and the outcomes achieved are neatly displayed on the back of the game for the teacher's records so as to give the teacher more time to attend to weaker pupils' needs.

As the games are dice-driven (chance), a weaker pupil can easily play with another (even adult) without continually losing, as in games where mathematical aptitude defines the winner. Also, the games take about 5-10 mins to play so are an easy 'filler' for those who have finished work early. The games should be available in a box in the classroom so that pupils can swop their game for another as soon as they get bored with the game they are playing.